September Happenings

The bird of the month is Jays this includes; Blue Jays, Scrub Jay, Steller's Jay, Canada Jay, Clark's Nutcracker, and Magpies.

Colorado has 5 species of jay: Blue Jay (the Front Range and East), Woodhouse's Scrub-jay (Foothills), Steller's Jay (Mountains), Canada Jay (Mountains), and Pinyon Jay (Mountains). Also in the Jay Family are Clarks Nutcracker in the mountains and the Black-billed Magpie found everywhere.

September featured products are Peanut Wreath and Peanuts in the shell and Heated Birdbaths!


Peanut Wreath.

Hang this bird feeder in your favorite tree and watch peanut-loving birds, such as jays and woodpeckers, fly in for a meal. It's durable, yet it remains flexible so birds can pull out the whole peanuts. This versatile bird feeder is also great for offering suet balls or nesting material.

Peanuts in the shell

Peanuts in the shell are a high-protein, high-fat food enjoyed by birds such as chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and jays. They’re also a fun way to feed other backyard visitors including squirrels.


Heated Birdbaths

Falling temperatures are no reason to keep your birds from getting their fill of water. This durable, plastic bird bath provides a reliable source of water when natural sources are frozen. Easily mounted to wood deck rails, this bird bath allows visitors to drink and bathe and keep their feathers clean for maximum insulation against the cold. It features a built-in 150 watt, fully grounded heater that is thermostatically controlled to conserve energy.

Bird Bath Heater

Encourage more birds to visit your yard by offering fresh drinking water in the coldest weather. Our bird bath heater helps maintain open water in any bird bath in your yard, even in sub-zero temperatures. Heaters may not melt the entire bowl, but will keep an opening in the water for birds to access it year-round. We recommend that this heater be used in bird baths with a maximum diameter of 15" for best results. This heater is made out of durable cast aluminum and is an 80 watt design that is thermostatically controlled.