August Happenings

Monthly Guided bird walks with Ben.

This will be a guided beginner birdwatching walk that will introduce the basics of finding and identifying birds. Topics may include using optics, where to look and listen for birds, and birding etiquette. In addition, participants will see and hear some common migratory and resident Colorado birds in various habitats. There is no cost for participating in this walk.


Main Reservoir in Lakewood.

off of Kipling and Florida.

We will meet in the parking lot

This walk will take place on Saturday, August 13th, 2022 from 8:00AM - 9:30 AM. Participants will be free to continue birding after the walk ends.

Please call Wild Bird Unlimited Denver; to reserve your spot; space is limited.
(303) 529-8942 or Email [email protected]


The bird of the month - House Finch (Cassin's Finch)

 -House Finches are the most common feeder bird in Colorado. In the mountains, it may be replaced by it's close relative, the Cassin’s Finch.

-House finches LOVE sunflower. They will also eat Nyjer (thistle) and safflower; but will not eat insects, suet, or any other non-seed food

-Most male House Finches have a red face and chest but some may be yellow or orange. This may be due to diet, genetics, or a nutrient shortage
during the last molt. The redder a male House Finch is, the more attractive females find him.

-Listen for a high-pitched, sweet warbling and trilling that lasts about 4-5 seconds and a “sweet?” call. Finches may start singing as early as January.

-Finches will not use a nesting box but will nest on a nesting shelf or other covered shelf such as in a hanging flower basket or on under the eaves
of a house

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Birds love water! Attract more birds to your yard with a birdbath dish.

Made of metal, plastic, or glass. Features sloped sides so birds can move to their desired bathing depth and a textured surface for easy grip.


Carolina Chick on Sumac c

7 Simple Actions to Help Birds

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