October Happenings

The bird of the month is Juncos: Dark-eyed Junco, Gray-headed, Oregon, Slate-colored, Pink-sided, and White-winged 

October featured products are Ground Fly-through, Medium Fly-through, as well as No Mess DP and Hulled millet.

Ground Fly-through

Attract a variety of birds. The roof protects the birds and food from the elements. The perforated metal bottom keeps the seed dry and lifts out for easy cleaning. The removable screen bottom is treated with EcoClean® Advanced Product Protection, providing 24/7 product protection. Our EcoTough feeders are made of recycled milk jugs, won't crack, fade or rot and have a limited lifetime guarantee. EcoTough feeders are good for the birds, good for the environment, and good for you.

Hulled millet

Hulled millet, No shell means no mess left behind when feeding our Hulled Millet. Birds such as juncos, doves, towhees, sparrows, and quail are all birds that naturally forage on the ground for food. These same birds love millet when offered in a tray feeder near the ground. It’s a small, round seed that can be offered alone or as part of a seed blend.

Heated Birdbath

Falling temperatures are no reason to keep your birds from getting their fill of water. This durable, plastic bird bath provides a reliable source of water when natural sources are frozen. Easily mounted to wood deck rails, this bird bath allows visitors to drink and bathe and keep their feathers clean for maximum insulation against the cold. It features a built-in 150 watt, fully grounded heater that is thermostatically controlled to conserve energy.