Nature Happenings

  • The annual elk rut begins in the high country.
  • You can hear male elks bugling all over the mountains and in the beautiful mountain valleys as they vie for the affections of females.
  • Aspen leaves begin to change to a beautiful shade of gold which dot the mountainsides.
  • Without question, September is our most settled and beautiful month, with North American weather systems taking a breather to offer glorious warm days and cool nights as we settle into autumn's arrival.
  • Bird populations are transitioning in preparation for winter - some birds move out, some birds come back and some become nomadic in their search for food, water and shelter.
  • American Goldfinches molt into a dull, nondescript color, even changing the color of the beak from orange to black.
  • Jays become nomadic and revisit yards in search of food which they can store through burial. Peanuts in the shell are their favorite.
  • Full Moon - September 10
  • New Moon - September 25