Not Just Any Bird Feeder

Efficiency, Functionality, and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

It all started with the Classic Bird Feeder. In 1990, Jim Carpenter, founder, president, and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited set out to create the perfect wooden bird feeder. With input from Wild Birds Unlimited store owners across North America he designed a stylish, durable and easily maintainable feeder that offered the one feature found in no other feeder - the ability to see bird feeding better.

That day, the Wild Birds Unlimited Classic Hopper Feeder was born. It's design has kept it's integrity for over 15 years and has become the symbol for the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise.

Throughout the years, we've made sure that all our feeders, whether hopper, seed tube, finch feeders, or wild bird feeders offer that same feature - the ability to see bird feeding better.

In fact, from a functional point of view, the following characteristics are built into all our bird feeders:

  • All birds are visible to the viewer
  • It is easily hung or post-mounted
  • It is easy to fill
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is sturdy and weathers well
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed

We want you to have the best possible experience from your bird feeding hobby. And that all starts with high-quality wild bird feeders and bird seed.

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